Which Social Media Trends are Right for My Blog?

Social Media Trends for 2012

Social Media Trends for 2012 (Photo credit: HonestReporting.com)

In a world run amuck with social media platforms it can be a daunting task deciding how many and which trends to follow.  This week we are going to examine what you need, what you don’t and where it’s all heading for 2013.

Let’s begin with the obvious.  Facebook

The social media giant passed the 900 million member mark.  Let me say that again, 900 million.  The potential reach of your no-cost Facebook account is nearly unlimited.  I can sum it up very neatly and wrap it up in a bow, if you want an audience Facebook can be your best friend.  The FB community is eager for new content and relevant, meaningful engagement.  Utilize your FB fan page to get conversations going…between you and your fans;  but almost more importantly connecting your fans with each other.

There are some simple strategies you can use to seamlessly integrate your blog with your fan page.

1.  Install  a “Like” button on all your posts (you will find mine right up there at the top of the post and again at the bottom…go ahead, you know you want to click it :))

2.  Make it easy for site visitors to follow you.  There are tons of free plugins for every platform.  No excuses, go get one now.  No, really, GO, we’ll wait for you.  Some of my favorites are:  ShareThis, Add to Any, Social Media Widget by Brian Freytag (this is what I’m using on this site,) and you can even create your own with Top Producer’s Widget Creator.

3.  Consider integrating a Facebook badge into your blog.

4.  Install a timeline custom tab that streams your blog feed to your fan page.

5.  Consider holding a “Like” drive.  Offer a discount, a freebie or an exclusive sneak peak to your readers if they become a fan.  You can accomplish this by installing a custom app to your timeline that reveals your giveaway once someone “Likes” your page.





Comments or Questions?  Tutorial Requests?  Topics you’d like to see covered?  Keep scrolling down & talk to me baby…

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